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Format – Your New Name lyrics

Stayed awake for 15 hours waiting on your reply
So I came outside to kill my lungs
And to kiss the night goodbye
I thought about your favorite sweater
Now I'm wishing it was at our feet
If I could change one thing about you
I'd call you Annelise 'cause it's better than Jen

Hey Annelise
Won't you come with me to Central Park
We'll catch a cab or we could stray from wheels
And walk this boulevard
But you don't respond
You're gonna end up dull
Much like your parents are
Hey Annelise
Don't you ever feel the need to leave
Oh that's me scared of what you people will think

I'm your favorite second rate singer
Holding out both my hands
I'm cursed with the voice of a kid
And pent up three word commands
So "tie the rope, tap the break, cause a scene"
Whatever keeps me in control
Cause these bones are growing tiresome
And they can't seem to hold my soul
My whole heart, it's a joke

Hey Annelise
Won't you cross my mind on a stampede ride
Screw Hollywood
'cause we've got better things to do than fake our lives
But you don't respond
So won't you give up your birthright
Hey Annelise
Don't you ever feel the need to leave
That's me scared of what you people will think

Hey I'm alone and I want something real
Not a name cause my heart needs to heal
I want a girl who won't disappear
Oh I can see her in dark and dull colors
But coming in clear
Ah here she comes
Here she comes
Here she comes
Here she comes
Ah here she comes
There she goes

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