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Downhere – In America lyrics

Is it better not to look back or should we dust off our journals
Stare deep through the feedback for the new day
Like the distortion has things to say
Is it better to ignore it, that these bomb shelters are built of sand
Scoring themes from our views, making movies of tragic news
Does this helpless picnic have it's own Neverland

America never hurts
They say America never cries
Like no one's lost in America
No one's lost in America

Listening to pink noise, we make mirrors out of shop windows
No one dares to pull the red card, conscience is scared by truths we'd discard
And now we've Arilius, but soon comes Decious,
And perhaps Constantine is a devil
Keen on making things easy


Come alive, come alive

The prophet's cello's silenced, if love burns us down to violence
If the whims of the nations cater elation will we not need a soul to blame?
He has to take it all alone
Is His move political, a play for the people? No
He takes one for the little guy
He takes a hit for the little guy

They say America never hurts
They say America never cries,
Like no one's lonely in America
Like no one's lonely in America

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    This one's got me a little baffled. Maybe someone can help.
    First, they're a Canadian band singing about America. From the chorus, there appears to be some sympathy and admiration, but the rest of the lyrics tend to point to the moral sickness that pervades our country. The condition described in the chorus is a result of this moral sickness. For example the succession of Roman emperors: Marcus Aurelius is remembered for his pur platonic virtue as the ideal emperor; Trajan Decius is an obscure entity much later; followed by Constantine, who ruined Christianity by making it easy. It then became a State religion, complete with politicl vying, wealth, and corruption--probably the worst thing that ever happened to obscur "the Way."
    Some of the lines are a little confusing, especially the last stanza (is it complementary to America or maybe our Savior?), but overall the meaning has to be our self-dilusion that we're something that we're not. We've lost our way through materialism and moral bankruptcy and won't learn through the window of history, and as a result we're hurting.
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