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Donny Hathaway – Someday We'll All Be Free lyrics

Hang onto the world as it spins, around.
Just don't let the spin get you down.
Things are moving fast.
Hold on tight and you will last.

Keep your self-respect your manly pride.
Get yourself in gear,
Keep your stride.
Never mind your fears.
Brighter days will soon be here.


Take it from me someday we'll all be free, yeah.

Musical Break - 8 measures

Keep on walking tall, hold you head up high.
Lay your dreams right up to the sky.
Sing your greatest song.
And you'll keep, going, going on.


Take it from me, someday we'll all be free!

Hey! Just wait and see someday we'll all be free, yeah.
Take it from me, someday we'll all be free.
It won't be long!
Take it from me, someday we'll all be free.
Take it from me, take it from me, take it from me, take it from me!

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    Lawrence Callahan
    No matter how bad things get, people will judge you by looking at your failures in life, It will be your downfall in the eyes of people you know and love, don't let things like that bother you, if you do, you already defeated It's so much going on this world with the economy and things to come, no one really sees your troubles because we all have our own. One thing for sure, it'll get better, it always do. Just life in general it can be trying at times. For those who feel the need to die thinking it's your place of redemption and your existing world starts to crumble around you, God is the answer to all your problems even the most secret ones. We all have our own demons, we all have [God] our redeemer. That secret place we hide in our minds for security, well, an idle minds is the devils work shop my Grandma always said. That's why we need our Master, Father, Creater, Redeemer. My secret is to stay in that word of God, start a personal relationship with him. Only then, can you see yourself worth. The Bible quotes 'The world will love their own' and when we get to feeling down, sometimes we just want to fault every one for our misery, but I never stop trying. When you do, It's all ready over. Their 's a great reward for not giving up. That's why this song is important to me for others who never got to see their way out of their situations before taking their lives.
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