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Descendents – Doghouse lyrics

In the world of man in the great rat race
Makes his speeches
Then he does what he please
Winners of the mosh impart their grace
As I wallow in the mush in a doggy daze
I live in a kennel, smells like rotten cheese
Chums lots of flies but why should I mind
Then I get trashed byt the ho that's my wife
Can't get enough of kickin my hiney
Life in the canine world
Cats to chase and a bone to bury
Full of doggy stench in this poo poo place
If I get a piece of tail
I don't want to get married
This is just a dohouse why should I stay
If these folks are crazy
They try to tell me
That they know where it's at
I don't know maybe I'm lazy
This is my doghouse you said I'm a dog
I live like a dog this is my doghouse
So now it's time to go work for the man
I work for the man at the taco stand
I keep on grinding like a dog always does
No place to hide for this American dog
This is my doughouse you said I'm a dog
I live like a dog this is my doghouse
When I frickin find what I'm lookin for
I dig right in and take my place
Maybe I seem crass and crude
Bat a dog's got to do what a dog got to do
This is my doghouse you said I'm a dog
I live like a dog this is my doghouse
I'm just a dog, I eat cat feces feel like a
Hydrant on this doggy street
Live in the doghouse, Everybody hates me
I want to get laid, but everybody takes me
I'm your dog and you're bitches

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