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Death By Stereo – You Mess With One Bean, You Mess With The Whole Burrito lyrics

Break them
Hate them

You cannot take away the pride
You cannot take away our minds
We have the freedom to fight
The freedom to push
The free will to decide
We hold our fate in our own hands
You drop the dime, cut off your hands

Let's make a list of all the things that I hate
I'll start with you, string you up and celebrate
Hang you up for all the world to see
Every time you fuck with them is every time you fuck with me
Your satisfaction is ridicule, a gut reaction
Our independence from your world is our vengeance

How can we ever turn the tide
If we don't stand tall all as one
How will we ever reach the sky
If our dreams go on unsung
You mess with just one, you mess with us all
Keep pushing us down, we'll never fall


Everybody's got to fight (I will defy)
Time will unite (I will defy)
Everybody's got to fight (I will defy)

Everybody's got to fight (I will defy)
Time to unite (I will defy)
Everybody's got to fight (I will defy)

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