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Concrete Blonde – Caroline lyrics

I hear you're driving
Someone else's car now...
She said you came and
Took your stuff away -
All the poetry, and the trunk
You kept your life in -
I knew that it would
Come to that someday...
Like a sad hallucination,
When I opened up my eyes,
The train had passed the station,
And you were trapped inside...
Yet I never wonder where you went,
I only wonder why,
I wonder why...

Oh Caroline
Oh, whoa-oh Caroline
Oh, oh Caroline
Whoa whoa whoa, Caroline

Well I hear you're using someone else's number;
She said she saw you in the store today.
It doesn't matter whose address
You're listed under,
I only know they'll never make you stay.
Like a memory in motion,
You were only passing through...
That is all you've ever known of life,
That's all you'll ever do.
There's a dream I have where I sail away;
Looking back I wave at you,
And I wave goodbye...

Oh Caroline
Oh, oh whoa oh, Caroline
Oh, oh Caroline

In another life I see you
As an angel flying high,
And the hands of time will free you -
You will cast your chains aside -
And the dawn will come and kiss away
Every tear that's ever fallen
From your eyes...
Behind those eyes,
I wonder

Oh, Caroline... oh, oh, oh...
Oh, oh... Caroline...
Sometimes I wonder...
Oh... Caroline
Sometimes I,
Sometimes I wonder...

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    I used to play this all the time when me and an ex were fighting. Didn't think about it til now but it described him so well.
    Not much of a life of his own cept the life of the party til it was over. Always someone elses car or the scrub in the passenger seat.
    He stole my car and left it at the bus station in downtown Dallas when he left me. Always had a cell phone but in someone elses name. Very little of his own. I did picture him in my mind as a mis-guided angel because there was always something that attracted me and everyone else to him, a sorry feeling? Don't know. But behind his eyes.
    I've always wanted to "sail away waving goodbye to end it, and he knows this eventually. That's why he leaves, before he's left.
    Now I know why he go so pissed when I played this song.
    Love you Concrete Blonde.
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