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Busy Signal – Agony lyrics

Dan de gyal dem a bawl fi it
Yuh know wah
(Ah ah ah)
Agony [x2]
We we have it (ah ah ah) we have da agony
We have the [x3]

[Verse 1:]
Mi buy a pack a condom up a di pharmacy
Den mi tek a stoosh gyal in a de bush n mek de farmer see
Mi nuh lyk wen informa see
Well mi a teef wife dweet tyt fullfill certain fantasy
Me c*** har up in a de bak of de jeep in a de bk of de seat a bare baggas me ge it
Drive home gyal a pass n a watch n a beep
So her c*** har up slap har up cat har up und ade sheet
Becah we have de...

Becah we have de agony agony ah
Agony agony ah
Agony agony ah
Tell it to de gyal dem
Agony agony ah
Agony agony ah
Agony agony ah
Sen it to de gyal dem
Wok gyal use skls wok gyal use skls
Gyal skls ok (eh)
Wok gyal use skls wok gyal use skls
Wok gyal (eh den)

[Verse 2:]
This gyal si dwn in a mi house a watch soap opera
Mi lock off mi tv n carry soap opera
She say it hot but she don't matter
Den a she nuh gimmie money n de buddy mek it grow fatta
Den my girl how you a gwan so wid de pums
My girl how you a flex so wid de pums
Yuh know seh wha busy nah beg de pums whether cu-cums da fatti bum-bums
Di gyal dem got di grip n de muscle mek dem turn
Mi gi wiggle a firm from da firm mek dem wiggle lyk worm it's a turn this yah bwoy firm in uno car
Uno hotta dan perm
Me have de size n de length n de width
She have de bum de gramiti n grip
My fam test if uno a test de dick
Wot you tink about this
Your up against your grip
My gyal we have de...



[Verse 2:]

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