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Bomshel – Karma Is A Female Dog lyrics

Well I tried to write an honest song
About lyin' & gettin' cheated on,
And I'll keep it clean cause Mama taught me right.
Still some of us here in this world
Are too polite & nice 'a girls
To say the dad-burn things here on my mind.
Like how he left me like a fool,
And he used a dirty garden tool,
And I was just so in love with that Richard-head.
So everybody sing along,
'Cause Karma's a female dog.

Oh, Karma, one day 's gonna haunt ya',
And I wanna see it bite ya' right on your behind.
So everybody that's been done wrong,
Well, come on and sing along,
'Cause Karma's a female dog.

Well, I'll never say this to his face,
I'll just go write in on My Space,
And pray that it's a hit on radio.
But I though all you girls should know
That he's a no-good donkey hole
And I'm gonna do what he done did to me.
That piece that starts with an "S" and ends with a "hit"
How did he inspire this family fun and cuss free therapy
For everybody to sing along
'Cause Karma's a female dog.

Well it don't matter anymore,
'Cause my fine behind just hit the door,
The same one someone else is chasin' now.
And he'll come runnin' back so fast,
And I'll tell him to kiss my
And ask me if I really ever cared.

And he'll be sayin'
Karma, one day's gonna haunt ya',
And I wanna see it bite ya' right on your
Back-stabbin', double-cheatin', left me cryin' with your leavin',
L-l-lyin' when you said you were really good in b
D everybody that's been done wrong,
Come on and sing along
'Cause Karma's a female dog
Yeah, Karma's a female dog

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