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Bobby Brown – Pretty Little Girl lyrics

You know a man likes a good time
He likes to wine and then dine
A beautiful woman
And love her thru the night
And if the lovin' feels right
He likes to do her two times
Pleasing that woman
Until she's satisfied
But when all the lovin's done
Who wants love that's on the run
One good time
But there's so much more
How 'bout conversation
Some communication
Someone who loves you
And stimulates your mind, baby
A pretty little girl just ain't gonna get it
I need a woman
I need the kinda girl who keeps on
Using her mind all of the time, baby
A pretty little girl just ain't gonna get it
I need a good strong woman, who'll keep love comin'
All of the time, all of her life

You know a man likes to have fun
He likes to get into some tender young roni's
As pretty as they come
He likes to love all night long
And makes 'em feel they got it goin' on
Sometimes, it's lonely, cause there's know one at
But when all the peaks are done
Know one still knows anyone
We've had fun, but I need so much more
How' 'bout conversation, some communication
Someone who knows you and stimulates your mind

Chorus 1x

I'm not ashamed to say, I've been that kinda guy
Didn't want no lady, I just wanted a good time,
But now, I think I'm ready for love
I need a woman that'll give it up
Someone to love me
And someone to be right by my side, baby


Can you give me the lovin'? All I need
And if you give me the lovin', i'll give you all of me
Cause I need a woman, to care for me
To love me, to squeeze me, and someone to be right
By my side,

Chorus 2x


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