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Blut Aus Nord – The Territory Of Witches / Guardians Of The Dark Lake lyrics

We had to go through a mysterious land among
The twilight's creatures
It was the land of witches, guardians of the
Dark lake enlighted by the moon

Trees there were the tallest of Frostthrone
In their trunks we could see the figures of the
Dead bodies

Pure beauty of dangerous
Embraced the paleness of their skin
Pure beauty of their bloody dangerous

They suck the energy of every man
Who fell in their trap
Vampyric creatures on a throne of bones,
We saw your true face in the flame of witchcraft
"Hate in their bloody eyes"

The trees became alive aorund us
We swung our swords in the wind
And we rushed in the fight to sow death with fury
Pure beauty of witches...their head rolled on the ground
Pure beauty of witches...their blood was sticky and as
Dark as the night

Beheaded but still alive they laughted
They danced with madness under the moon
Tortured and dark soul in sorrow
Immortal wives

In a bath of malediction
We sent their dismembered bodies to the grim lake
Elements of creation, we call to thee

Fathers of winds, storms cold and frost
They create a blizzard on the land
Pagan Gods destroyed the order of guardians
They froze the lake's dark water

Pure beauty of witches emprisoned in a coffin of ice
Pure beauty of their bloody eyes immobilized
In the mirror of eternity

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