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Bloc Party – Helicopter lyrics

North to south
Running on
As if to say, as if to say
As if to say, he doesn't like chocolate
He's born a liar, he'll die a liar
Some things will never be different

Stop being so American
There's a time and there's a place
So James Dean
So blue jeans
Gonna save the world
He's gonna

Are you hoping for a miracle?
Are you hoping for a miracle?
Are you hoping for a miracle?
Are you hoping for a miracle?

Three out of five, three out of five (it's not enough)
Six out of ten
Better luck next time
Just like his Dad, just like his Dad (the same mistakes)
Some things will never be different
Hungry and dumb, hungry and dumb (so wait in line)
Queuing up for some more junk food
It's not my fault, it's not my fault (just this once)
They're getting so much younger

Why can't you be more European
Bastard child of guilt and shame
Bury your head in the sand
I'm thinking six, six, six
A frigin six

Are you hoping for a miracle?
Are you hoping for a miracle?
Are you hoping for a miracle?
Are you hoping for a miracle?

It's not enough.

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  • l
    I have to say I love this song, but the lyrics are confusing. I 'think' they might be commenting on materialism, conformity, of pop culture. They say stuff like "So James Dean / So blue jeans", kind of like you might hear some pompous, sterotypical 'popular girl' say something to the effect of 'that is so last year'. It makes it seem like they disapprove of the American obssession with trends, and that things never change. That's what I get from it.
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  • u
    Are you kidding me with this guitar hero s*t? This song is bad a* and putting this song next to "guitar hero" is offensive to me! Turn your stupid radio off and start listening to real music that way you don't have to wait for stupid "guitar hero" to find this gems! Omg I'm soo offended! F*k everybody who doesn't listen to edm specially house! I feel deeply sorry for you! And f*k regular radio n stupid so called "START ARTISTS" Lmao!
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