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Black Veil Brides – Knives And Pens lyrics

Alone at last we can sit and fight
And I've
lost all faith in this blurring light,
Stay right here we can change our plight!
Storming through
this despite what's right!

One final
fight for this tonight
With knives and
pens we made our plight

Lay your heart
down, the end's in sight
Conscience begs for you to
do what's right
Everyday it's still the same
dull knife!
Stab right through and justify
your pride!

One final fight for this
With knives and pens we made our plight

Well I can't go on without
your love, you lost, you never held on
We tried our best... turn out the
light! turn out the light!

One final fight for this tonight

With knives and pens we made our plight

Well I can't go on without your
love, you lost, you never held on
We tried our best... turn out the light! turn
out the light!

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Knives And Pens meaningsPost my meaning

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    This song means alot. Andy really understands the choices people make because he admits in interviews he chose writing. But for others its different. I wont sit here and preach because I'm not perfect. Iv cut, burned and so on. Sometimes I look at the scars and think 'why did I even do that'. I'm also not going to 'lable' or 'steriotype' myself or other people. I'm not 'emo' or 'goth' or 'a jock' or 'preppy'. I'm me. And bottom line is whatever your interests are, there's always going to be someone who wont agree and will steriotype you. I feel bad for those people. So small minded. Music like this isn't just for 'emo's' and 'scenes' its for anyone who finds that they like it. So seriously next time you go to say something to someone or lable someone look in the mirror and think 'am I really that different'. Because your not ok. We all go through the same thing. And the more we hate. The further apart we become.
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    The song knives and pens represents ones inside darkest feelings. In the song knives and pens refers people cutting, starving, bingeing, ect. Because of personal things and what others are saying or pens which is being creative. The main message of the song is "you can either let their words hurt you or you can be the bigger person. You can either let it get to you or be creative. " andy beirsack (vocals) wrote this song at the age of 12 when he realised he was an outcast and he was being bullied. This song represents his options, his struggles, and his over comeing of his problems in life. He had the choice to lead himself down a terrible path; or to overcome, conqure, and use creativity to rise against it all. To all who are reading this and feeling the way he did. Everybody is faced with struggles. Give up on life you give up on the ones you love. Save your life and put down that knive. Blackveilbridesarmy.
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    To me it means that with the things stereotypical people say, it hurts people emotionally and they feel that the only release is cutting themselves at first but then find that they can use the pen for power to stand up for themselves and prove that they arent going to sit back and allow for somebody to stomp all over them. Andys pain in trying to prove that point is in his voice when he sings this song. He has dealt with the same problems I presume and that is what inspired him to have this song written. So he can speak up for those who either can't without being silenced or those whose lives have already been taken. I completely enjoy this song but I am also connected to it. And I'm not emo or goth or scene. I'm just a regular kid and nobody expects me to listen to this type of music but I do. I am thankful for bvb and what their music stands for in my heart. Anyone that disagrees with my thoughts can leave my life because this music is my life and how I live.
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  • l
    You were kinda right, but it really is about the 2 sides of struggling: You choose the dark way; cutting. Or you choose the bright way; Writing poetry, lyrics and stuff to get things of your mind, and focus only on the thougths of what is written on the paper, is written by your inner soul, which has been buried inside. (Much like Andy did, and it helped him.) This was self-stated by Andy :)
    But on the other hand, The meaning of Knives And Pens is different for everybody.
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    When I first heard of black veil brides it changed my life and how it changed my life is cause when I was a kid I was usually alone in my room not talking to anyone but when I first heard them it actually got me to go outside and try talking to people then I started making friends thanks to them and my mom she would always keep me inside my room like chores then homework then bedroom but then after black veil brides I talked to my parents about me going outside and hanging out with kinds around my age or maybe a little bit older but like I said before they changed my life they made me a better person from when I was younger and I'm thankful for that thank you black veil brides!
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