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Barbra Streisand – Honey Pie lyrics

She was a working girl
North of England way
Now she's in the big time... In the usa
And if she could hear him, this is what he'd say
Honey pie, you are making me crazy
I'm in love but I'm lazy
So won't ya please come home
Oh honey pie, my position is tragic
Come and show me that magic of your Hollywood song

You became a legend on the silver screen
And now the thought of meeting you makes me weak in the knees
Tee tee tee
Oh honey pie you are driving me frantic
Sali across the Atlanic to be where you belong
Honey pie come back to me
Oh wa wa wa...... Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa... Wa wa wa
Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa
I like it like this (laughing)
I like this....

What kinda music (laughing)
What kinda music, play it to me... Play it to me

Will the wind that blew her boat across the sea
Kindly send her sailing back to me? Tee hee hee
Oh honey pie you are making me crazy
I'm in love but I'm lazy
So won't ya please come home
Come.. Come back to me honey pie
Do do do do da da da dum.
Now don't get fresh fellas
De da de du da dum
Honey pie come back......

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