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Barbra Streisand – Dancing lyrics

[Dolly speaking]:
Put your hand on her waist and stand
With her right in your left hand
And one and one two three, ah! One two three,
Oh, no, this one... And one two three
One two three

[Cornelius speaking]:
Look I'm dancing!
Well, I was.

[Dolly speaking]:
Of course you were, Mr. Hackl!
Take the someone whose arms you're in
Hold onto her tight and spin
And one two three, one two three, one two three

Look, I'm dancing!

Come here.
Turn around and turn around, try floating through the air
Can't you be a little more aesthetic?

Don't you think my dancing has a polish and a flair?

The word I think I'd use is athletic!

Well my heart is about to burst
My head is about to pop
And now that I'm dancing who cares if I ever stop!

That's wonderful, Mr. Hackl!

... Look, everybody! I, Cornelius Hackl... Sport
... I'm dancing!

You're next, Mr. Tucker!
Glide and step and then step and glide

And everyone stand aside!

Oh, not yet Mr. Tucker! One, two, three...
One, two, three, ah!

Look, he's dancing!
I think he's phenomenal!
You could learn to polka if you worked a week or so
Or the tango filled with passion seething

I might join the chorus of the castle garden show

Whatever you do, Mr. Tucker, kee-keep breathing

[All three:]
For my heart is about to burst
My head is about to pop
And now that we're dancing who cares if we ever stop!

Make the music weave a spell
Whirl away your worry
Things look almost twice as well
When you're slightly blurry
As around and around you go
Your spirits will hit the top
And now that we're dancing
Who cares if we ever stop
And now that we're dancing
Who cares if we ever stop!

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