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Arcade Fire – Abraham's Daughter lyrics

Abraham took isaac's hand
And led him to the lonesome hill
While his daughter hid and watched
She dared not breathe she was so still

Just as an angel cried for the slaughter
Abraham's daughter raised her voice

Then the angel asked her what her
Name was she said I have none
Then he asked how can this be
My father never gave me one

And when he saw her raised for the slaughter
Abraham's daughter raised her bow
How darest you child defy your father
You better let young isaac go

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    In my opinion this song is centered on the first hungr games movie only. Abraham(snow) takes issac(tributes, districts in general) to the lonesome hill(arena) when issac is raised for the slaughter(rue killed) abraham's daughter(katniss) raised her voice (katniss decorates rue with flowers. The angel(capitol people) wants to know who this sensation is, but she is just a nameless girl never given much credit by abraham. (katniss is just a poor girl from the poorest district.) when abraham finds out his daughter is interfering with his plans, he raises her for the slaughter. (snow tries to kill katniss and her followers) but she raises her bow, not wanting to go without a fight.
    The last 2 lines can have 2 meanings. Snow could threaten katniss and katniss tells him to let issac go, or snow slaughters katniss and tells her to give up trying to save issac. It really depends if you count in the other 2 books or not.
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    This has nothing to do with the hunger games! It is about Lucifer's rebellion! Read the Bible children, and spread the word. Abraham is only sacrificing Isaac, because the angel told him to do so, otherwise he never would of even thought of it. Abraham is a good man, and prays everyday to the lord, but when the lord tells him to do something (in this case kill his own son), he has to do it, to prove he love the lord. But then Abraham's daughter, who he had not named, rebelled against the lords wish to sacrifice Isaac. The angel wasn't going to let Abraham kill Isaac, but Abraham's daughter interrupted. His daughter sinned against her father, but was forgiven by the angel.
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    Abraham is the capitol. Isaac are the tributes. Angels are the capitol people. Abrahams daugher is katniss. Abraham led isaac to a lonesome hill (the arena) while his daughter hid and watched (katniss watching the hunger games) angels cried for slaughter (capitol loves watching the hunger games and poeple shout with happiness) abraham's daughter raises her voice (katniss goes agianst the capitol) angels ask her what her name is. She has none (katniss's name is "the girl on fire") and when we saw her raised for slaughter (katniss entering the second hunger games) daughter raised her bow (went against capitol as mockingjay) angels: how dare you defy your father (capitol: how could you go aginst the capitol?) abraham's daughter: you better let isaac go (katniss: stop the hunger games and leave the tributes be).
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    Perhaps it is the angel saying to release isaac. The obedience of abraham could not be celebrated if the daughter kills him (daddy) before the sacrifice. There must be a victor declared; rules must be followed. If death says, "let him go," and daughter lowers her bow, then death maintains control, abraham is still obeying, and daughter remains nameless, right? The capitol allows two tributes to win (key word: allows) instead of creating two martyrs. Death (the capitol) had to say "stop" to give the illusion of control.
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