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A Day At The Fair – Kira Doesn't Care About Anything, She's A Nihilist lyrics

We drove down Reseda, in the car as I drove you home, listened to love songs on the radio, I bought all those records, just so I'll remember you, in the arms of someone new

Tell me that you felt it too, tell me that you felt it too

It's nights like this I feel alive, when every sentence we make is a promise, holding arms up to this sky, like every breath that we're taking is perfect

We woke up to feelings, painted grass, and ringing phones, and a brand new song on the radio, spinning worn out records, every word pertains to you, believing every line is true

It's nights like this I feel alive, when ever word that I say comes out perfect, watch my fingers touch my smile, and ever breath that we take was well worth it

And I've lived out my whole life, to feel the way I did that night

These arms are so open tonight

It's nights like this we are alive, when every breath that take is a promise, a million stars light up this sky, and every day of our lives are now worth it, we're so worth it

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