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Chris Webby – Solitaire lyrics
[Verse 1]
Why is everyone afraid of me? I get it, I'm fuckin' crazy B
And lyrically superior to most my peers
So now no one wants to play with me
I'm just sitting in my sandbox, all alone, patiently, yellin' out
Please! When is hip-hop coming back on the scene?
When is real shit gonna be showin' up on my screen?
Why these wack little kids out thinkin' they the king?
I've been in these gladiator pits workin' on my swing
Call me Maximus, on every track I bust
You just ain't quick enough on the draw, ain't fast enough
To spar with Godzilla, you don't have the guts
And just the thing, these the cats that used to laugh at us
And call me, a fucking loser 'cause I sat on my computer
Just playing Command and Conquer, now I have conquered the future
So keep on spreadin' rumors and keep on thinking you cooler
But you're neutered, no balls at all comin' through ya better run
Listen, I'ma count to 6, before I break 'em down like I got an ounce to flip
I'll crush your motherfuckin' skull like the mountain bitch
And put it in a song, let the people bounce to this
I'm bringing you that sound you missed, that lyrical flow
All that shit that you don't hear anymore
And know Webby goin' sick a lot, ammunition box full of 50 shots
And got a couple torpedoes for all these Little Yachts
They scared of me like I'm tucking a sawed-off
They know that if they steppin' up they'll be in my Raw Thoughts
Fuck it, I'm raw dog
All I'm saying's I don't give a fuck, I'll be comin' at all y'all
That Molotov flow, I'ma scorch the ground
I tore shit down and torched them, now all around
They bow to their new king as I wore the crown
They can't ignore the sounds, I'm a warrior now
And I'ma call 'em out (Why?)
'Cause fuck 'em, that's why
The shit that y'all been bumping is some fuckin' trash, I will not stand and watch as my love of rap dies
So I guess I gotta be the motherfuckin' bad guy

But I wish I had some friends in this game and shit
I got 'em all scared by the flames I spit, and claims I make
They thinkin' that I'm dangerous
So now, nobody ever wanna play with Chris
Which is fine, I'm an only child anyway
This is how it's always been, live it everyday
They see the look up in my eyes and they get afraid
So I'm all by myself here as I play

Motherfuckin' Solitaire
They don't wanna play with me, they afraid of me, I know
(Listen, I don't need no help, I'ma do this shit by myself)
Like it's motherfuckin' Solitaire
They don't wanna play with me, they afraid of me, I know
(Listen, I don't need no help, I'ma do this shit by myself)

[Verse 2]
If rap was a video game, you'd play on G-Eazy
Me, I'm G, expert mode, please believe me
Steezy, put this shit down for CT
I can't leave rap alone, the game needs me
I am the mic, the microphone killa
You got no chance, like fist fightin' gorillas
And since Mac Miller unfollowed me on Twitter
I've been a little bitter, but kept on getting bigger
While the game ignored me I've been sippin' 40's
Smokin' hella weed, watching Rick and Morty
Focused on my dream 'til that shit was morphing
Into the real thing, now I live my story
Chris was born to rule so I'll ride out the storm of wackness
Which is now the societal norm
I'm so fuckin' good at my job, I don't try anymore
It's autopilot when I go and grab the mic and record
The shit you couldn't buy in the store, indeed I flow
An animal, follow my name with E-I-O
Like Old Mcdonald, try to follow as I speak I know
I'm crazy, la vida loca, fee fie foe
Um. you're done when I come through to take your head
And grind your bones into dust just to make my bread
With bacon, egg, and cheese, shit I'm stayin' fed
And killing everything until the fuckin' day I'm dead
Tryna bring that fire back, my time is gonna be
Right now, shit, I see it right in front of me
But I'm also watching hip-hop decline and wondering
How these other lyricists could stand by so comfortably
As the shit we grew up on dissolves, devolves
To what we got now, Mumble Rap, top of the charts
No more skill, no more soul, and no more bars
No respect for the OG's who started it all

[Pre-Chorus 2]
It's almost like if you know how to rap, than it's wack to these kids
All they care about is swagger and cash
And the tats on your face and the likes on your post
Ain't no passion for the craft, it's all hype, it's a joke
But I'll have the last laugh, 'cause I'm bound to be
A legend of the new school you're about to see
Why everybody running full speed down the street
'Cause they scared to throw it down with me
It's like I'm playing

Fuckin' Solitaire
They don't wanna play with me, they afraid of me, I know
(Listen, I don't need no help, I'ma do this shit by myself)
Like it's motherfuckin' Solitaire
They don't wanna play with me, they afraid of me, I know
(Listen, I don't need no help, I'ma do this shit by myself)


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