Belinda - De Nina A Mujer By Belinda lyrics
translated from Spanish to English

But not passing
But not passing
I feel something else will be the
Her eyes Fasina
I'm always thinking
give me a great Conzuela
I do not know what happens

I'm so confused
will now begin to grow
I do not know (I do not know)
because something is happening
Miramar (Miramar)
my body is changing
and no (not know)
I keep thinking
From girl to woman
be it is time to grow

It happens but
I do not know what happens
everything has changed
is always on my mind
I'm so confused
everything is so different

enpiezo will now grow
** Chorus **
** Chorus **
when I see that my heart breaks qreo

I can not concentrate
I can not see
I feel that something is changing
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