“I feel your love and I feel it burn
Down this river, every turn
Hope is a four-letter word”

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There a lot to say well he felt love they broke up so now he's really feeling it burn and pain in his heart and the heart is like water and now he's crying a river of love and there's so many different turns in life and hope is only four letters and has depending on hope.
The destructive but passionate nature of the love in this song connects to themes of potential and unhealthy addiction. The singer's relationship is connected to many bad decisions. The stickiness of these feeling are related in the line "down this river, every turn." The river is life, constantly moving and unable to be stopped.
"Hope is a four letter word" is saying that optimism can fail you. Many profane words are four letters long.
"I feel your love and I feel it burn. Down this river, every turn" means that he have understand God's love toward him and realize that God works through him in every single "turn" in situation. "Hope is a four-lettered word" is a phrase that tells the statement "I found my hope" and shows how this man is now motivated to live a better life. Then he says that he's going to prove it by showing how he consider dollars as worthless.
The bridge means that no matter how hard you try to chase wealth, it will run away from you and you will never understand that wealth is worthless before you feel the consequence of leaning your life to money.