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ZinG – Raised Up lyrics

Raised up like Lazarus, I’m comin out that tomb too, (John 11: 44)
Christ’s blood the covenant I’m covered in like soo-woo. (Lk. 22: 20)
Firstborn, first to rise, He burst the skies apart. (Col 1: 15)
Romans 2: 29 He circumcised my heart! [Uh]
Get up get up out that grave, was dead in sin but then He came, (Eph 2: 1)
Made me new and then he gave, His Holy Spirit to invade. (2 Cor. 5: 21)
Yeah, that’s a miracle, it’s spiritual, but get this,
There will be a physical, and we’ll be resurrected, Go! (1 Cor 15: 53)

An hour’s coming and now is, (John 5: 25)
Where they’ll pass to life from darkness. (1 John 3: 14)
For I know my Redeemer lives (He lives!)
And at the last He’ll stand tall,
And in my flesh I’ll see God and… (Job 19: 25-26)

On that day, my Lord gone crack that sky, (1 Thess. 4: 16)
Up from out that grave, man the dead gone rise.
With a two-edged sword, fire in His eyes, (Rev. 1: 16)
That great and terrible day, I hope you on His side. (Joel 2: 31)
(So you’ll be) Raised up (6x) Raised Up (6x) On that day!

[Verse 2:]:
Blessed is the one who shares in the first resurrection, (Rev. 20: 6)
The second death has no power, the Righteous Judge is our protection,
Bore the punishment for every person He would purchase [Ah] (1 Pet. 2: 24)
Permanently sealing those He called for His own purpose! [Woo] (Eph 1: 13)
To reign with Him as priests now, while waiting for the King’s Return.
(Rev. 20: 6)
When he wipes away our every tear & death will have no sting or burn. (Rev.
21: 4)
He’ll execute His judgment on the nations and with violence, (Ps. 110: 6)
Born once you’ll twice, born twice you’ll die once. (John 3: 3)

Pre-Hook & Hook

The lord says to My Lord “Sit at My Right Hand,
While I make your enemies a footstool. Rule in the midst of them” [x2]
(Psalm 110: 1-2)
Inauguration to consummation. From every tribe and every nation, (Dan 3: 19;
Rev 5: 9, 7: 9)
The gospel will resound now, the prince of this world is bound now, (John
12: 31, Rev 20: 4)
Praise our God and Father who has given us new birth (1 Peter 1: 3)
When He returns, the world will burn, new heaven and new earth. (2 Pet.
3: 12-13)


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