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Young Rome
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Young Rome

In My Bedroom lyrics

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Young Rome – In My Bedroom lyrics

[O'Ryan Verse]
I felt like I was in Saudi Arabia
It was candles and pillows everywhere
She pushed me on the bed den climbed on top of me
Took her glasses off den let down her hair
(damn baby)

In her bedroom I'm about to break her off
I'm about to make her scream
Tonight she's gonna do things
That she's never done
In my bedroom boy bottoms up
In my bedroom boy bottoms up
In my bedroom boy what what
You kno what this is boy bottoms up

[Romes 1st Verse]
Girl I aint mad at the fact you kidnapped me
And I can't put up a fight cuz this is where I wanna be
Girl you takin off my throwback playin wit my dew rag
Let me keep my timbs on shawty while I'm stroking
I kno ya momma sleepin
And ya lil brotha got love for a nigga and he kno we sneakin
Yo bedroom is sentuous when you wanna get adventurous
Baby so spontaneous got me high like angel dust
Yo sheets got us tangled up
You like it rough when it feel like you mangled up
You kno backshots my favorite angle what
Yo booty wiggle like a bowl of jelly
Got me hard as metal I'm beyond yo level
Cool and melo cova ya bed wit rose pedals
Bottoms up I'm rich but so ghetto
And imam curl yo toes up and make sure you had yo nose up
Now you in love aint conceited no mo
Imam break you off but you aint getting no dough yo


[Romes 2nd verse]
Girl I kno I got you tinglin
Why you think they call me jangalang
King ding-a-ling
More precious den rings and things
I'm hard but you make sing momi
Tiem spent like a time aid
I got game girl I kno you want me
On me like white on rice platinum on ice
Stop stutterin set yo price

[repeat chorus till end]

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