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Young Ones Band – All The Time lyrics

I know what you thinking (Yeah)

Who the fuck is that (Yeah)
You in the club minding ya own business (Yeah)
And out of nowhere you here this (Yeah)
How you supposed to act (Yeah)
It's out year baby, uh (Uh)

[Verse 1]
fifth grade rode around, started out small (Uh)
u all know, before you walk, you gotta crawl (Uh)
Niggas was all outlaws wit our fists balled (Uh)
We couldn't even count bars, we was just raw (Uh)
MCer's battlin' at the club, for the plug
Rappin' for the other rappers, strictly for the love
That was cool 'til my everything turned, and shit got tough
We got hos, got serious, got her fucked up (Uh)
Uh oh, reality check, hold up (Uh)
I gotta figure out a way, to get this dough up (Uh)
I don't want my niggas to hate me when we get dough up (Yeah)
So I gotta blow up, and leave it to' up (damn baby)
I listened to my niggas, whenever it got hard (Yeah)
niggas look if we gon' be a star,we'll be a star (Yeah)
I got hot, got a deal took rap (Yeah)
Took the whole city wi me, and never looked back, baby (Uh)
Yo, yo, it's all simple, jon on niggas ofn the intro (Ugh)
Y'all hate it, 'cause you still say ya fin' to (Ugh)
I'm finna blow, like this shit is so mental (Yeah, ugh)
That's your life, your problem, and your pencil
Cut the jokes, everybody wanna be rich (Whoo)
You a fool if you don't, you see this,get of my dick
Look at this chain, this bracelet, you hear the cuss
We want respect,and nigga fear us (Yeah)
Now look at me, this shit is getting real now (Uh)
I want your money, I'ma spit what you can feel now (Uh)
I tell the truth, so I guess I keep it real now (Uh)
You thought I was ill befo', now I'm ill now (Come on baby)
Come on wit it, I can afford to kill now (Afford, baby)
Look at my son, ask him how he feel now (How you feel)
It's real now, daddy's got a pill now
Wave bye-bye we out of the hood, (Bye) what the deal now (Uh)

DC came up, you know we hot (Uh)
30 years where it became a big lot (Uh)
24s on chrome, you don't stop (Uh)
DC 4ever hot (Come on)
Young niggas stay fly at all times (Uh)
Hoes 21 and under with gangsta rides (Uh)
Keep our guns by our hands at all times (Uh)
niggas we fly

[Verse 2]
Yo you would love for me and you to switch places won't cha (Uh)
You love hatin' don't cha, hate just to hate, don't cha (Uh)
In the clubs yelling loud, like you wanna fight (Uh)
But I just whisper, you ain't trying to die tonight (Naw, baby)
we the kings, yo I'm bout to burn this
We got guns, and we'll use 'em, so please believe it (Yeah)
Last had to try me, yeah I looked passed him
But notice he's nowhere around, for you to ask him (Ha, ha, ha)
Long as I gotta crew, and two in the safe baby (Yeah)
You could scream 'til you RED in the face baby (Yeah)
We getting ours, we don't care who in the way baby (Yeah)
Lock and load, ain't nothin' you could save baby
We don't want the bitches dog, we just want the honeys (Whoo)
And we don't want the game neither, we just want the money
It makes sense don't it, the blocks wit me (What)
Welcome to the new world, DC (Yeah)


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