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[Intro: Master P]Man you need to cut all that woofin out
Either you from the hood or you ain't from the hood
But if you ain't from the hood,
Don't be actin like you from the hood (New no limit)
Cause ni***z gon expose these fake ni***z

[Chorus: Halleluyah]Don't make me put my hands on you
N***a, I'ma show you what I'm bout
Keep yappin at the mouth and get knocked the f**k out
Knocked the f**k out, knocked the f**k out
Keep yappin at the mouth and get knocked the f**k out
Don't make me put my hands on you n***a, I'ma show you what I'm bout
Keep yappin at the mouth and get knocked the f**k out
Knocked the f**k out, knocked the f**k out
Keep yappin at the mouth and get knocked the f**k out

[Master P]Need to stop yappin, quackin soundin like a duck
Quick to holla what's up when a thug pull up
I see you fake a** twisted ni***z straight to the side
And can't even look a real n***a straight in the eye
Screamin "Bust a nigga head" but real killers don't talk
You could tell a real gangster how he act and how we act
See, you and your click don't wanna face me n***a
I'll detroit indiana fuckin pace ya n***a
Cause I'm crazy like my dad, a wild coyote
Show you what Shaq shoulda did to Kobe
Slap him in his mouth, n***a f**k Jerry Buss
That fool still talkin, beat his b***h a** up
You a rookie under me so respect your elders
Get a country a** whoopin tryin to be rebelous
The New No Limit, we ain't scared to go to war
Have you spoof when you leave the house or ridin in your car

[Master P]You can't live in a glasshouse and try and throw stones

I'm a New No Limit soldier, got it tatted on my arm
See you puh puh poolay, f**k what you say
We get to stomping like soldiers in Peru Bay
Real thugs get it crunk in the club
You don't give a f**k then throw your hood up
I got a couple screws missing, they say I talk in my sleep
I'm addicted to money and weed but I love the freaks
You don't wanna run up on a n***a in the club
When I'm gone off that hypnotiq, henny and that buzz
See, I'm a fool n***a, break the rules n***a
I came to party, you wanna get stomped, that's on you n***a
See, I'm a beast boy, I'm from the streets boy
You could knuckle up but Drumma got that heat boy
I mean the feet boy, I'm Pistol Pete boy
Stop screamin m**********are, you ain't me boy

[Young Buck + (Master P)](Where you at Buck?)
We got the weed spot poppin and the dice game crackin
Got some hustlers with some birds and some young ni***z jackin
This the hood baby, white t-shirts and the khakis
Stomp stompin in my G-Units still Cadillac'n
P, you know I been waiting to push a line with you dawg
P, uou know I been waiting to use this nine with you dawg
I'm on the grey goose, Huey Lewis Black Panther s**t
The whole club pumping they fist but here we go
It's No Limit up in here, b***h you got damn right
(b***h you got damn right)
We gonna act like C-Murder just got out of jail tonight
Oh, we came to start a fight, break 'em off something rough
Take it back to the streets n***a, make 'em say ughh (Make 'em say ughh)
So me and Silkk The Shocker in a black Impala
Burnin rubber in the third ward, ridin wit a chopper
No matter what I been through, my bank account got it
F**k them other ni***z cause we still bout it bout it


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