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Ft. Gucci Mane, Trina, Nicki Minaj & Nicci Rea

Ay you kno I'm lookin for a 5 star chick talkin bout
I'm talkin AboUt A Bitch lookin like she jus stepped out a magazine
I'm talkin niggaz I'm gon be somethin serious

(Gucci Mane)
Gotti here go twelve bars
Gucci mane got 9 cars
We dnt call em dimes no more
09' we call em 5 stars
I'm a 5 star nigga, dis a 5 star clique
That's a 645, this that new m6
Pay her bills get her hair fixed
Might even pay her rent
And the way she give it to me
Best money I ever spent
I can't even lie (why)
I'm so super high (high)
Do not need her, will not keep her
Unless she superly
Gucci manes a thug b,
Ya man is a scrub see
She loves me now,
She loves you not
Yea all me bitches love me
And if you in atlanta
Look up gucci gurl and beep me
And we cand find a 5 star hotel
You can meet me

That's a 5 star chick (3x)
Man that's a 5 star chick, if yo credit score high
Feet and nails stay fly, keep your juice box wet
And ya head sum'n fine
You a five star chick (4x)
I want a five star chick
I need a 5 star chick
I need a 5 star chick
I want a five star chick

(Yo Gotti)
It's ya boy yo gotti,
I do grade A shit
I'm the realist nigga walkin
And this the remix,
And still I'm out here lookin
For a 5 star chick
When I catch her,
Ima bless her
With a 5 star kiss
She a natural born hustla
She ain't chasin no suckas
On a mission for a real nigga
She ain't never fucked a busta
So ya cars nd ya jewlery
That she really don't excite
And all them hatin ass hoes
In da club wanna fight her
She was born in da "A",
Went to school in DC
Gotta job in Dallas Texas,
Then moved to tennessee
If you aint a 5 star,
Need to go ahead and face it
Fake gucci fake louie,
Shawty dat'll make you basic

Dat aint a 5 star chick
It aint a 5 star chick (3x)

See I'm a 5 star bitch
Cause I aint that other bitch
She been stugglin for hers
From da wound I been rich
I aint gotta talk about the money
And the shoe game
All you gotta do is google trina
See da proof mane?
Cause aint none of these hoes,
Doin shows in the recession
They cards get declined,
Now they sufferin a depression
While I'm spendin mils
Signin all kinda deals
I'm a 5 star bitch,
Eating 5 star meals
My whole life style
Like comin to America
All my Louie luggage
You see my bag
How I carry ha?
Walkin through the airport
Like I'm in a parade on my hologram
Loggin on to e-Trade

That's a 5 star chick (4x)
If your credit score high, feet and nails stay fly
Keep your juice box wet, and your hear sum'n fine
You a five star chick (4x)
I want a five star chick
I need a 5 star chick
I need a 5 star chick
I want a five star chick

(Nicki Minaj)
I just had a epiphany,
I need to go to Tiffany's
Fendi on my slippers& my cookies always slippery
I don't need help,
I pay da bills on time
So I be yellin "fuck em"
With a dildo sign
Five little mama, you a Three star
I aint sleepin when
I say I'm in my dream car
Oh did I studda?
Harajuku hyphen,
BarBie... I'm hot
I think it's time to put the rice in,
I was in da chair,
I was just gluing my weave in,
When you hit the stage
They was booin and leavin,
Young money red flag,
No more auditions
Ask Lil Wayne who the 5 star bitch is!

That's a 5 star chick (4x)
If your credit score high, feet and nails stay fly
Keep your juice box wet, and your hear sum'n fine
You a five star chick (4x)
I want a five star chick
I need a 5 star chick
I need a 5 star chick
I want a five star chick

(Nicci Rea)
5 star baby
Let me tell u how I do
Baby I'm da baddest bitch around
I'm not fonkin wit ya crew
I'm da head bitch in charge
Who da fuck wanna fuck w/ me
All louie, new gucci
Air nikes on my feet
Look at my nails, my hair I'm sexy can't u c
Body stay dipped
It get no better den me
I'm on dha track w/ Nicki, Trina, Gucci and Gotti
Everybody kno my lifes a ROCKSTAR PARTY

That's a 5 star chick (3x)

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  • m
    MiZBECKYDec 3, 2009 at 6:36 pm
  • q
    queenbrittbrittNov 13, 2009 at 10:50 pm
  • s
    SNOOKIJan 13, 2010 at 7:05 pm
    nicki minaj and trina like went beast mode in this song they out did gucci mane no disrespect bruh but umh i like this song yeah buddyy!!!
  • g
    Gucciwifey09Nov 27, 2009 at 11:05 pm
    who eva did da lyrics they fuqked it up badly!!! buht n-e-whoo Gucci part was killin it as usall OH EMMM GEE ILY GUCCI buht shyt i got to give it to Yo Gotti Trina nd Nikki Minaj they go hard ahyy i think meeh ne Trina got sumtthing in commin no homo we sum money makin chicks on sum money makin missions we got plans to go and get it while yall slackin on yall pimpin if datsz true for yall comment on this
  • q
    QuittaMae1Apr 5, 2010 at 5:34 pm
    nicki n trina went nicki said im hot i think its tyme 2 put da rice in n trina said signin all kinda deals ima 5 star eatin 5 star meals yall 2 went off i love both of yall music But yall rappin is ridiculous. Love Ya!!!

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