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Ying Yang Twins – Fucktheyingyangtwins lyrics

Hey! I went to school with them pussy ass niggas
They aint worth shit,
Man I remember when that nigga used to be ridin? in that fucked up ass pontiac
And that shit was god damn sittin? outside
He had it posted up like that mother fucker was hard
That nigga aint hard, that no hand ass nigga who he be runnin? with
That nigga aint shit neither, he was up at south side
Big boy poppin? cuz he make that bank hit bounce shit
I almost slapped his punk ass one day in the lunch room
He aint, god damn. I seen him, god damn when whistlin? down the street
Talkin? bout he need a ride, what kinda nigga need a ride?
They made whistle while you twurk, And thats functionin?
Aint these some hatin ass niggas? Now look at this shit,
I asked that nigga to run me up the street when he got that god damn Impala
He said nah, now that was some fucked up ass shit
Them ol? pussy ass niggas can suck my dick! (faggots)
(Verse 1)
Im goin? back mother fucker from the 6 zone
The same crippled mother fucker got picked on
I aint never really have shit, holme
But a hard time and cold in my spit, holme
Now certain that wasnt workin? shit, holme
Man some label me a bitch, holme
The only plan is im bout to get rich, holme
If u don?t like what im sayin?, suck my dick, holme!
Poppin? pills and niggas droppin? and fallin? off the fuckin block
Some niggas doin? good and some niggas on crack rocks
Some of these niggas make a hell livin? in the game
Some of these niggas may try but it seems they cant
Cuz when they come down, they see this shit get hard
I know you try to be a man but that shit get hard
If you got it on your chest nigga speak your mind
In your ass get it wrong, you gon leave by nine! (Now)
I remember when that nigga D-roc?s mama used to be candy lady
That nigga had to go come strait home from school
And could never go outside and play
That lil punk ass boy, I always told him he wasnt never gon blow up in this shit
But he still wanna be in this shit and he start runnin? with god damn Kain
Like they were really gon blow up bein? the Ying Yang Twins
Them ol? punk ass niggas! (Where your handicap sign at?)
(Verse 2)
Busta bustas nothin? else but bustas
Glustlas on a nigga pinky make em mug us
Grills, my squad conceal upon here
Crips, they gats conceal upon here
Off the river deep down
With crip then be quietKnown from the east to the fuckin? west side
Nigga down to ride cuz im soldierfied
Never swallow my pride and you can check my height
Look nigga Im gon run your bone and try to get with
To put this shit in, now you shaken like a bitch
Fuck that shit, a nigga sayin you tryin to sound like me
So Im gon bust you in the lip like we shoppin? for free
And you?re at a low of words for a cat
Got your tongue with the gat
Got your mouth wide open, so who wanna...Oh u think your The Don!?
Ha ha

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