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Ying Yang Twins – Duts lyrics

See, why a nigga make a mothafuckin song like this, cuz mothafuckas always off in a niggas ear, like a nigga dont do shit, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla wop wo wop wop wop. all you do is mothafuckin nag, stay off my niggas dick like a tick bitch you irritate a nigga like an itch, this is why a nigga wants to tell yall, get off my dick and my nuts, BIITCH!

some of yall ?
here its big game
put ya name in shame
its yo fuckin bling
sure dont make a mothafuckin punk raw ???
you thinkin with ya brain
ya thinkin with ya dingaling
lost in the sauce
had a bad bitch and a grill but ya lost
washed up now
still lookin up
no ??? cant pay yo dues so you gotta blow
some like war
gotta think hard
gotta be a little smart
cant be ???
with all that vulgar destruction
gets ya blood rushin
make a nigga wanna bad ???
one roundabout knocked out
call it a brick
cant hold with a brawler bitch
these niggas is raw
we got the hooks upside ya jaw

yall hoes get off my duts (AHH)
yall hoes get off my duts (AHH)
yall hoes get off my duts (whats yo duts?)
ma dick and my nuts

yall niggas get off my duts (AHH)
punk niggas get off my duts (AHH)
punk niggas get off my duts (whats yo duts?)
ma dick and my nuts

hey king, bump that shit man, this collipark music, fuck all these hoes and these niggas
check this out, dont even worry bout it, matter of fact, we gonna let dj science rip they ass, check it out

(dj scratches up samples of two men saying 'my dick' and 'my balls' until fade)

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