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Yg Hootie – Two Presidents lyrics

[Hook: YG Hootie & Kendrick Lamar]
Two presidents, and we blowing presidential
Two presidents, and we blowing presidential
See my hood shine, pray I live to see the day
Rest in peace to my homie, he got hit up with the K
Kendrick, Martin, Hootie, Malcolm
I'm screaming out peace, but his choppa piece a bad outcome
(Kendrick, Martin, Hootie, Malcolm
I'm screaming out peace, but his choppa piece a bad outcome)

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
I'm vicious, and my house is a red light district
And my couch is a porno star, outta town from Houston and Memphis
And I never gave a fuck
And I never did fuck with y'all, so I kept my distance
Just me and my day ones
And a thousand ones for these strippers, ho
I've been on my own, get on the song
Then pee on the song, my bladder is gone
I shattered your dream, I'm Freddie it seems
My shadow is wearing expensive cologne
Pig tails, and dookie braids, cabinet full of Kool-Aid
I'm ghetto as fuck, and my pedal is up
But I'm gassin' on all of you niggas, mane
Kendrick, Martin, Hootie, Malcolm
I'm screaming out peace, but his choppa piece a bad outcome
Stale face, how come?
Is it 'cause I do me? or you main bitch wanna do me?
Face shots we call it Call Of Duty
K.Dot bitch, now give me two feet
Made my bitch come give me 2 Gs
Raised by wolves, and we do eat
Played by rules and you might live
And I try to do this shit for the kids
But y'all got different perogative
And y'all right, inhale
And I dwell where the fortune live
And that's vicious


[Verse 2: YG Hootie]
Big mouth, sat me down
Said YG, this how you hold a chop now
I ain't gon' lie, I'll be feelin' like Obama
Shootin' shit for days, momma not comin'
Disillusioned by the background
Chopper cockin', I'mma clap mine
Homies in the pen ain't never comin' home
Greened out car from the Chevron
Me and my momma in a county line
It was food stamps, now it's passport stamps
Brought the... back to the deuce line
Told you we'd blow like...
BSM we cannibals
Eat your flesh, no antidote
Kendrick, that's family though
We on Rosecrans, it's a party ho
This right here that Martin, Malcom
Only difference, we still alive
By any means necessary
Squad life, we down to ride
Interstate, 'Rari...
See them tears in my momma eyes
Do whatever it take to keep my daughter fly
Do whatever it take to be immortalized

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