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Yael Naim – New Soul lyrics

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  • l
    "This is a happy end, 'coz you don't understand". This particular line of the song strikes a lot. Life is full of "downs" than "ups". Life must still be happy and vibrant when one doesn't seem to understand. It's an opportunity for us to continue proving ourselves more. "This is a happy end, come and give me your hand, I'll take you far away". This is a triumphant moment for us to take the people around us in knowing their worth and together we could all realize that we are all new souls hoping to learn a bit but how to give and take.
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  • eZiggidy
    I give Yael Naim a lot of credit for this song. I was actually looking for it for about an hour and I finally found it. I enjoy it because its catchy and there is a positive lesson to be learned here. I think that she is an immigrant moving to a new place, being too giving and trusting but making the mistake of trusting and giving to the wrong people "trying to learn a bit about what is real and fake." She is a loving and caring person in a country full of dirty sharks. At least this is my interpretation. She is definately a new soul in this world!
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  • u
    "I'm a new soul" as opposed to an "old soul". If you've ever heard the term old soul, someone who is very wise/ a soul that has been here before, (reincarnation) then you'd understand that it is inconsequential/inevitable for new souls to make every possible mistake, as they are not yet old souls and this song captures the feeling of an innocent new soul stumbiling about in this strange world.
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  • f
    I think it's about how when we're younger we're so happy and carefree, but when grow up we see that the world isn't as perfect as it seems and we have come to this world to learn, but all the world teachs us is to hate. So, like a child opening their eyes (what she means by new soul), she is wondering "Why all this hate?" and why don't people understand life doesn't to be perfect to be, well, perfect. So she's making "every possible mistake" because she's not used to all this hate. And she thinks that our world is "very strange" because, once again, she's not used to it.
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  • u
    This song reminds me of my sister. She abused me physically and emotionally as a child. I always forgave her and tried to establish a relationship with her but one day I realized its not up to me to make that happen. Its been two years since I have spoken to her. We both came into this world not knowing what to expect, I guess I was the better learner. For once in my life I've started to focus on myself and I finally feel some sort of peace. Every time I visit my parents she looks miserable.
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