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Wyclef Jean

Glow Of A Rose lyrics

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Wyclef Jean – Glow Of A Rose lyrics

And if my life is like the dust
Uh… that hides… the glow of a rose
What good am I?
(The glow of a rose)
Heaven only knows

I was told no good deed goes unpunished
So I’m sittin here thinkin, is my name tarnished?
Public perception is everything
Even the one call they suits, face the crucifixion
So who am I?
I got the bunch of kids that’s ready to die (die die die)
Like it launches on the other side (side side side)
But I rather see a million march than see a million genocide
But when you wake up, you take off
You wanna get kicked up
He got to see, no she ready sick up
Look at his face, he got blood in his eyes
The swat they pull up and put 3 in the side
He’s there before a G need a alibi
Better yet he need a lawyer conquering on the side
Down at the west side
At the house, blue wearing black and they throwing up gang signs
Don’t it feel good to see all the gangs in the same place?
We might have different colored flags but we the same race
Mention the government with the same face
75% incarcerate

And if my life is like the dust
Uh… that hides… the glow of a rose
What good am I?
(Who am I?)
Heaven only knows

I was told that my flesh will turn back to dust
So while I’m laying on this bed there’s a few things we should discuss
I know I haven’t been the best man
But I was tempted in the garden of Eden by the serpent
But I’m your man for mouth to mouth resuscitation
And if you need blood, call me transfusion
I’d rather be carried 6 than betray, this yo love so honest
She looked in my eyes and say don’t mistake my kindness for weakness
Next day wake up and the music in the street
Peer pressure to sniff cocaine, ecstasy, molly
Sure I felt the sense for night trap then the devil’s road
And I got family member in rehab, tryna kick the habit in coke
So when I said permanent and permanent permanent one
That’s ‘cause I came from the ghetto, ain’t a vision of one
So sure you’d understand, you’re my inspiration
We gon live past cremation

And if my life is like the dust
Uh… that hides… the glow of a rose
What good am I?
(What good am I?)
Heaven only knows

Let me play the guitar like it’s my last day on earth
(Guitar solo)

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