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Woe Is Me – Vengeance lyrics

We will live forever:

And if I were you I'd fear me more than death himself, because when I am through with all I'll do you'll wish to burn in motherfucking hell.
So let us open the gates of hell for the likes of you.
May God rest your soul when we are through.

This is our vengeance.
Orphan of broken dreams:
Your word isn't what it seems.
You're jealous and weak:
Stay humble and meek
And one day you might succeed.

Maybe one day I'll probably make more of an impact than you'll ever fake and I'll take what is rightfully mine.
You ran away so I'm calling the shots this time.
I'll take their hopes I'll take their dreams I'll take everything that would ever mean a single hint of trust from them you never cared so I will always win.

For every kid that you hear screaming loud and clear:
You left them in fear.

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I ripped the tongue from his mouth and left him gasping for breath.
I told you that you'll reap what you sow:
But you wanted fame
So fuck your ego.

How could you think this would go down so easy?
Your words are misleading blinded by the glare of the spotlight now your fiending.
How could you think this would go down so easy?

Well you can huff and you can puff and try and blow my house down,
But I take comfort in the fact that I have stolen your crown.
Go ahead with the childish games you play and at the end of the day we've got the final say.
I bet you never saw this coming

The tensions rise in your mind and you think back to realizing everything that you left behind.
The mask that you wear is just an illusion we've picked up our cross we've found a solution.
You've lost your flames in the darkest of night your ambitions are falling out of sight.
Selfishness owns you I hope you can see,
The family you loved is now the enemy.

We will live forever

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    From tyler:.
    "it's not an easy step to make, but i can't go on living a dream that i no longer have full interest in. I love the fans, and i hope the true ones will stick with woe, is me and myself even after my departure. Don't be ignorant to the situation-it's nothing personal with the boys, i love them all. I just can't fake passion that i once had. I always preach to my fans, "follow your dreams, " and i need to take my own advice. My dreams are not fully achieved. I achieved several with the band, but i have many more goals to reach. This lifestyle, "rock 'n' roll" and what it consists of just isn't for me anymore.
    Before any rumors start, yes I am leaving woe, is me. I will be blunt so you all know the truth, directly from me myself, I'm not happy in this industry and I'm more positive of a person than I have been able to display on recent tours due to drama within the band. Being in a band is not easy, and I'm not running from my problems, just following my heart, as I encourage you all to do. That's all you really can do.
    I'd like to thank the devil inside for slamming so many doors, but I thank god for opening so many more. "
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    They wrote it when tyler carter left, basicly showing him that they think theyre better off without him if you look at all the lyrics its very obvious and harsh what they did such as "Well you can huff and you can puff and try and blow my house down,.
    But I take comfort in the fact that I have stolen your crown. " I don't listen to woe is me anymore cause of what they did to him.
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    Tyler left by saying he could get farther solo, which he can, but the band got pissed about it. They took it as him saying that he was better off without him, so they are turning the tides against him. Yeah the band did a horrible thing in doing this, but at the same time nobody but the band and tyler know the true events. They could have justifiable reason to do this, but either way the band is still talented, so listen to them if you want to but at the same time support tyler in what he has chosen to do with his life. This all comes down to choices.
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