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Witness – Fishnet lyrics

When luck be a lady in a district of red lights
Truth be a whisper in a concert of dead mics
I said right, options are limited
Got a predicament
Let me stop and think a bit and figure out who witness is? Who?
The one who masqueraded as a man of steel
Behind the curtains he sips on his chamomile
While dancing on banana peels a cancer that he can't reveal would cancel
Any chance he had to stand upon his damaged heels
The xanax pills killed the panic till he managed real feelings for once
Dumping depression for the prom queen
He builds an arc with a head above water, sorting disorders and interpretations
Of what this song means

At 16 I learned it isn't difficult to six step
17 I learned a girl can rip a soul to fishnet
18 I learned that all my rituals were mislead
At 20 they're surprised I haven't tried to slit my wrists yet

Well don't hold your breath baby cause I found a cure
That Buddhist monks scale the Himalaya mountains for
The clouds are torn in half and shattered to dust and I'm scattering cups of
Where the passion had rust
And as a sapling I but a catholic looking for my Nazareth and nowadays I
Couldn't get raise if I was Lazarus
That ain't the half of it, adjectives couldn't capture it
The cat that searched a sea of asterisks to find a Capulet.
I'm not happy yet.
They said Chill
Love it or leave it
I said fuck it I will
Cuz I heard that blood and oil sound the same when they're spilled
Kind of like the promises from those who claim to rebuild
It's a revival of diving with eyes closed
Jesus saves! (on insurance switching to Geico)
My soul is Mister Clean, my health is nicotine
My life is depicted through Precious Moments Figurines

I skipped hovering over the porcelain goddess
The unfortunate product of the modern portrait of college
With feminine templates while living at Penn State
They're getting an F grade whenever she menstruates
I was busy paying the dues to become an artist
When my friends were busy cutting the rug and munching the carpet
And that's fine, but after an album of wack lines
I decided to make this music more than a past time
Too many alchemists have miscounting the calculus
Or Stumbled on a power trip or showed the crowd their cowardice
Staying alive in a do or die world.
Where clarity is cable and angels are suicide girls

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