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Willow Smith – 21st Century Girl lyrics

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  • OfficialWillow
    Hey guys! I'm sooo sorry I havn't been writing back! Miss-independent and prettyface7 can you please stop fighting. You guys are awsome fans and I don't wanna see you like this. So can you please stop. :) The reason I havn't been writing is because I've been really busy. I'm trying yo think of a new song. Its kinda hard. If any of you guys become famous, you'll know how I feel. Well, I gotta go. C'ya fans! Bye!
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  • l
    Hi willow smith song is fantastic good luck with the song and alot of kids realy whan't to be your friend well by can not wait to hear it on tv oh yeah I realy whan't to be your friend but you will not like me you don't know me I'm a girl you know and I think you are butiful and prerty well I hope you enjoy your life and know mater what people think of you well you are butiful in the inside and out I'm 9 years old and my name is keisha willow is a lovely name well byeee.
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  • i
    Willow will you please tell jaden I'm his biggest fan and yours too well I'm the biggest fan of the smiths anyway love you all the world xx! Please follow me on twitter it would mean the world to me I'm 11 years old and dream of being your bff (i hope so!) I wish I will marry your bro jaden he is the most gawjusss boy in the universe and I would do anything to meet him get a phone call of him or a message from him please follow me @ilovejadensmith2211 your dad is amazing one of the best actors in the history of life! Your mum is just soo pretty and you I wanna be you I may sound a bit desparte but I would love you to get this message love you!
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  • m
    Luk 1st of all I'm nt black I'm am lite skinned ok jst lik everybody I love is lite skinned and I dnt evn drink coke F. Y. I drink sprite n 2nd of all I'm nt ugly I'm cute I hav ova 30 boys you think I'm lien well I'm nt believe me n last thing y you tryna b nice now n dnt you think its late 2 b on tha internet at 1 n tha mornin when everybody sleep try writin rite now.
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  • h
    Hey Willow,.
    I just wanna say that I'm a big fan and I could name a hundred people who are too. I love your music and I can't believe your younger than me but can sing way better than I can. I admire your work and I'm even trying to ask my principal if my friends and I could do a dance to this song for my graduation. I hope he says yes because he can be uptight and strict about the music we listen to. I know the possibility of you coming to my school for graduation is 1 in a million, but you've got to try right? I think 21st Century Girl means that you could do great things and just your a kid doesen't mean your not capable of ding things. So Can you? Just a thought.
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