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Not The Same (Scotsman) lyrics

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Werd – Not The Same (Scotsman) lyrics

It's me c***
I am not the same (I am a Scotsmen) [x4]

Never hide behind a name no you know my name is Drew
Underground but stand above it's funny what the fame would do
Death to the stars 'Death star' like Vader's view
No religious racist but it's basic that the papers due/Jew
Drew is ahead of you on tracks like he go choo choo
Waiting in the station I will blow like I go 'achoo'
Plus I will go at you yes you will know my shoe
Damn like damn but damn man I'm flowing through
I will make it known to you I am on the thrown to you
And I will never chuck it cut it chuck it like it's thrown to you
I do my thing lying sucks just to get ahead
Yes I am 'King' like a lion was my fucking head
Fuck with your fam man see I really need in bread
But on the other hand ok I take the drugs instead
I am not the same I am Scottish
Brain goes tick tick tick you should watch this
Circle is a mosh-pit make a cipher hot shit
And I get ahead like I get a fucking nosh bitch
Stick balls la-cross bitch come on baby throw it up
Fly and I flu/flew like sick baby throw it up
Shows and I'm showing up to try and get my doe more up
Cause I aint really fly for these birds I got that Dodo touch
But you are looking photo brushed you are looking oh so flushed
Right down the drain I'm not playing all this local stuff
You aint really got a knife acting like your Coco Brice
Fuck rap nights I just rev it like a motorbike
Chip in like poker right so I can get that dope and white
And then I get melted similar to Polar ice
Fuck man you ken I'm like fucked when the pen will write
Plus something tucked gone cut and just end your life
I am not the same I am Scotsman
Tell by my actions and accent I'm talking
C*** no stopping nah I keep boxing
Throwing punch lines it's crush time I'm rotten
Just like I'm off and I do it often
But I'm the worst emcee in the whole of Scotland
Or maybe not then least I'm a signed c***
Signed up myself but at least I'm a signed c***
Own my own publishing letting all the public in
So buy me a pint when you see me in the pub again
Because I dinny make cash nah I just make raps
And you get it free like choring fucking wee chav's

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