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Ween – Poopship Destroyer (Ii) lyrics

[studio version appears on "Pure Guava"]

People, ya'll ready to cruise on the poopship now, motherfucker?
Are ya'll poopin' on the big doggy poopship, motherfucker?
You know what it's about to be on the poopship, but
People down here in Missouri cruisin' on the big poop log
Cruisin' on the poop ship, Sector 6, Warp 9 (haha)
Cruisin' on the big poop ship, folks!
Get with it, fucker!

Let me lock in the system at Warp 2
I's been chewin' on this here, brownie, baby
And I thinks- I thinks I'm almost through

Let's cruise past all the golden poo
That makes me blue
I'm talkin' 'bout soybeans, people
This thing gonna? ?? ?*, woohoo

Poopship, on the poopship destroyer
You'll know what I'm sayin', that thing can track any motherfucker
Poopship, on the poopship destroyer
That's what I'm talkin' about

Let me jam up all of the frequencies on channel 2
Push it on into systematic overdrive
You know, baby, you know what to do, baby
Come on, come on, I'll tell

Let's cruise, the chocolate stew was you know who
The stinks all the funkied-up battles [??].... Woohoo
That's right

Poopship, on the poopship destroyer
Poopship, on the poopship destroyer
Oh, baby... Woohoo
The poopoo, poop
Give me another one, baby
Give me another one
Thank you, my lady!

We love you too!
Remember to keep your head to the sky, baby
You know, we're gonna through a wave sequence here
I'm tellin' ya, Jim, you're gonna be riding upon the poopship
We're riding the poopship into the next dimension
Lose the poopship in my....
Are you feeling it, Missouri?
Are you cruising upon the Poopship Destroyer?
Are you mounting the poopship, Kirk Miller?
I said, Kirk Miller, I said, Kirk Miller,
Are you cruising on the Poopship?
Big Jim! Big Jim!
I said......
[distorted vocals]

I'm tellin' ya Jimmy
I, I, I, let's get ya on the poopin'
The poopin' trail, Jimmy
Let's do it again

Let me jam up all the frequencies on Channel 2
Push it on into systematic overdrive, you know what- what to do
Let's cruise, can you cruise on the poopship with me?
Can you cruise on the poopship with me....?

... We have received the Poopship connection
With ever what you do, no matter what you do
You are cruising on poopship
And I thank you, and I love you
We are Ween, we are Ween
You may fuck, you may be fucked
We thank you for joining us this evening
We are Ween, and have a beautiful night
I love you too
Good night, my love

[* - on original lyric sheet]

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