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Warbreed – Bound For Ultima Thule lyrics

C. 442 bc
Sailing towards the end of the world
Bound for the farthest island of all
Beyond the rule of mighty Boreas
There lies a place were death is not known

1919 ad
[The Grand Master]
Our Atlantis lies far in the north
The very place where it all began
Where our beloved Aryan forefathers
Lived in absolute purity, far from labour and war

1928 ad
Thus here I pledge my sword
As I pledge my soul, ever to be in your service.

1933 ad
Hail to the father
All hail our leader
Hail to the hammer
All hail our leader

1934 ad
[The Leader]
We all know that our beliefs are true
But please do keep them secret!
Don't you see all this is in a way
Affecting public opinion?

So, for a while, leave your books aside
And follow me into a new religion
That of guns, of tanks and of fire
For I was born to be your leader

1945 ad
[Heroes and Traitors]
Our flyblown empire of treason
Has burnt itself to the ground
So much for our dreams of glory
We lost our every chance

Oh Fatherland
We're deaf and blind
We're puppets in your hands
We crossed the line
Of sanity
We became the gods of lie

The ss-organised chaos
Brought fire and blood to this land
Our crimes are unforgivable
But we were the blind led by the blind

We were bound for Ultima Thule
And we ended up stuck in hell
Our madness, our disdain, our struggle, our sorrow
Forever will be our stains!

1989 ad
[An Old Man]
God, I regret my loathsome behaviour
I kissed the goat and murdered the innocent
I lost my soul but a hundred demons torment me
For I can still hear the hellish army screaming...

1939 ad
Hail to the father
All hail our leader
Hail to the hammer
All hail our leader

Hail to the father
All hail our leader
Hail to the hammer
All hail Ultima Thule!

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