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Walter Becker – Medical Science lyrics

My man Stanley
Suave but manly
Taking cover from the mark within
Now he's hiding
Pretty soon he's sliding
Looking for a lonely heart to take refuge in
Down the alley
My gal Sally
A little bruised and battered maybe from a couple times before
Hold her steady
You know I think she's ready
To climb into the ring and do it all once more
Does it hurt when I do this
Can you laugh when I go like this
All right keep it down
This one's cool for maybe one more round
Just look for big pieces when we sweep up tonight boys
Nobody's going to blame you
Scratch 'em right off that list
You know medical science is helpless
Helpless in a case like this
I know you're gonna thank me later
For giving this one a miss
'Cause medical science is helpless
Helpless in a case like this
Ivory Eddie
Half dead already
But too dumb to lie down or even let a brother know
Trouble's cruising
You know Ed's still using
Never known for passing on a chance to just say "Yo"
Little Leroy
Eddie's homeboy
Still too wet behind the ears to know his right from his wrong
And what big E's sporting
Little Lee is snorting
Guess Ed stopped on his way down to drag the kid along
And all the jiveasses and the true believers
The bullshit givers and receivers
Here today tomorrow gone
To the triage tent in the great beyond
Wherein the angel tangoes with the infidel
Normally I'd be angry
Normally I'd be pissed
But medical science is helpless
Helpless in a case like this
Better make mine a double
Serve it up with a twist
'Cause medical science is helpless
Helpless in a case like this

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