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Vybz Kartel – Why You Doing It lyrics

Why yuh do it
When you know yuh shouldn't be doing it
Why yuh chewing it
When yuh should be screwing it
I know yuh never see a curry or a stew in it
So why you doing it
Why you why you doing it

Why yuh doing it
When you know yuh shouldn't be doing it
Why yuh chewing it
When yuh should be screwing it
I know yuh never see a ackee or a stew in it
So why you chewing it
Why you why you chewing it

Yow Sah
If a foreign you get it from
Nuh badda bring it out ya
Yuh nuh deal with di chicken
Why you eat di coleslaw
You nuh inna vegetable
Why you eat di cho cha
Nyam Shirley biscuit
Drink June plum widout straw
Man a pitch him like
Mcguire & Sammy Salsa
What him do to Lil' Kim
Inna di Testorosa
Secret pop out a road
Like bread pop out a toaster
Deh pon di notice board like a poster


Portmore mi lose off a certain man unuh
Caw dem tek di gal pussy jaw fi piece of ham unuh
Man nuh nyam blue drawers
Neither pum pum yam unuh
Genevieve put up yuh hand unuh
Cah Portmore man a go deny yuh unuh
Dat nuffi eat cause it smell like a ram unuh
Skin it out wide den yuh apply di jam unuh
Slice it like bread den yuh feel di ting ram unuh
How cat fi dead so seh "bam bam bam" unuh
Yuh never have nuh skin


When she bring you under
Mek you eye dem roll over
Don't you roll over and
Bring her back under
Dat mi a wonder
To how mi see you
Deal wid Amanda
If she bow you muss did have
Di meat a chamba chamba
To how yuh draw Cassandra
Yuh can't smell mi ganja
But me came saw conquer
Find di harbor
Drop di anchor aim "boom!" buss di tanker
Ooman a trail mi from
Sri Lanka, San Francisco
Yhy yuh nyam
Tanesha like a Kisco


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