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Vybz Kartel – Four Seasons lyrics

So Mi A Say Up 2 di time yuh kno(down 2 di minute)Once Upon A Time, Happily Ever Afta
So Mi A Say.. Yuh Kno Its Kartel Dey Call Me Da Four Season Charmer aka Da????? Armor
So Mi A Say Yuh Kno Widout A Reason Ill Give you Da Four Season
From Yuh Pumpum Tight I'm Neva Gunna Let Yuh Go......
Baby! Buddy Deh Yah Gyal

[Chorus 2:]
From Yuh pussy Ah Paradise(Winta Buddy)
Warm da Clitorise Twice (N Summa Buddy)
Cool Yuh pussy Like Ice Di Passion Is Twice Di Passion Of Christ(Buddy Deh Yuh Gyal)
From Yuh pussy Ah Paradise(Winta Buddy)
Warm Da Pumpum My(N Summa Buddy)
Keep Yuh Cool Like Ice Di Passion Is Twice Di Passion Of Christ(Wine Fass Nuh)

Turn Me On Like Nina Sky
Come Use Somebody Front Dem See Yuh Nuh Try
Mek Me Bite Up Di Breast Like Piece A Pie
Di Cocky Certify, So Yuh Skirt Fi Fly
Mi tree Long Like??? Inna Di Needle I (Ai!)Datz what It Soun Like Di Needle Cry Baby! Mi Nuh Bout Dat Mi testify N Leave Some Breast Mi Try(Buddy Deh Yuh Gyal)

From Yuh pussy Ah Paradise(Winta Buddy)
Keep Di Pumpum My(N Summa Buddy)
Cool Di pussy Like Ice Da Passion Is Twice Da Passion Of Christ(Buddy deh Yuh Gyal)
From Yuh pussy Ah Paradise(Winta Buddy)
Warm di Clitorise Twice(N Summa Buddy)
Keep Di pussy Like ice Di Passion Is Twice Di Passion of Christ

[Verse 2:]
Baby! Can I Teach you Di Lizawd Limbok
Skwat Pon Yuh Fo'head Yuh Two Hand Kimbok
C*** Up Now Open Legz Like Green Duck
Mek Mi Tear Down Curtain Ride in Like Limbok
Stop! Next Way Yuh Fi Sing Go Thunda Clap
Yuh Fi Sweat Fi Mi go Mek Mi Breeze Cocky Watch Wa Sink Up
Mi Turn Virgin Inna??? Fuck(Buddy deh Yah Gyal)




[Verse 2:]

[Chorus Til It Fades....]

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