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Vocaloid – Daiben lyrics

Its just one of the seven wonders in life

I never got rescued
Or got left out of trouble
Always being despised by others
Just like a human pig

I'm in a pack like wolves
But my appearance stays human
Theirs no point in running away from it
I don't need to apologize for what I've done
I guess everyone has a friends friend of a friend, is what I say
But the truth is I have no friends at all

Everyone thinks its ok to talk
Help me get away from this

Someone, someone, someone, someone
Somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody
Someone, someone, someone, someone
Somebody, Somebody, Somebody, Somebody

I like the things that are disliked
Like reading or country music
Someone will surely die from this
And not leave a trace to follow

You talk to me like I'm stupid
I don't care who you or anyone is
You talk like its a disease
I'm starting to worry about this
"Won't you hurry up, but then come slowly" is all I could say to them
Run into dirt roads with grief
You turned away from me with disappointment

It always talks about me!
Wake up! Look at this mess!

Someone, Someone, Someone, Someone
Somebody, Somebody, Somebody, Somebody,
Someone, Someone, Someone, Someone
Somebody, Somebody, Somebody, Somebody!!

Who ever said you could talk to me, speaking, talking
I got some evidence right here, right now, yes!
Its funny how everyone wants to be heard, really
This conversation is over, my darling
I can't tell what it is but I suddenly love you
Its just one of the seven wonders in life


Lazy dogs experience that horrible age
Rotten pigs experience that idiotic age
Grotesque experience that gruesome age
In this cocky age

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