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Vision Of Disorder – Landslide lyrics

Count down everyday in life,
Held down, now you feel confined
Walls keep closing in,
Still I got my grip
Never to lose it
Some are confused, somefeel the shame
Always left out in the rain
Some say the other, needs to be smothered
Place the balme
It's time to reignite the flame
No time to recognize the pain
One chance to rise above the rest
Now you know what I mean
Never giving in
Alert always on point
Expect nothing but the best
Commit break away today
Accept forms of change
'Cause it's in you, 'cause it's in me
Evolution of the mind
Life is a sea, life is a lie
It ain't gonna stop for anyone
Why you trying to hold me?
Can't you see your never gonna hold me
No one's clock is ever gonna own me
'cause I'm too strong and I lead a smart life
Educated, re?????? Through insight
Refined through years of discipline
If it's me against you I'm gonna win
Defeat is a word I never knew
Now is yo; ur chance what the fuck you gonna do
All oy you have a chance to be something
Don't let it slip away
Could of but you never did
Would of forever's in the past
Should of were you afraid
Of what you would find
You can't trust it
Subjection to an illnes
You know what you see, ain't what it seems
Now you're grasping to no avail
Why you reaching for my hand
Save it for someone who gives a fuck
'cause it's all in my heart

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