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Viking – Going To Die lyrics

I was 18 years old/ and one day I decided to go out with a friend/ She said "I want you to know my lovely boyfriend"/ So I replied "Ok, let's go!" I knew what kind of people she liked,/ they were not like me but nothing bad had happened to me.// It was another journey to involution/ in a land where the god is marihuana/ and there was no way to have a conversation/ because they were not able to speak./ It was another visit to the enemy's,/ a way to know other points of view/ and write a comment on my internet site.// My friend was 16 years old/ and guess, her boyfriend was 27/ She told him "I want you to know my friend is a fascist"/ So he replied "Ahi ahi ahi! Do you know what that thing is about?"/ And we began to talk in his stinking car.// He said "We're like you against Christianity,/ but we could like them if they give us amnesty/ and I don't agree with your Heathen view/ of Personal Jesus"/ I said "I like my Gods and I'm ready to fight for them"/ "Yeah, fascist!" he said "You only take the war on Earth"/ I said "You seem to prefer chaos and destruction".// I was going to die, yeah, I was going to die/ He drove to the unknown land where they would have hanged me./ Oh, I was going to die, yeah, it was my last day of life/ He drove so fast and he did not watch the way.// He switched the radio on and made me listen to 99 Posse/ They sang a song "Anti-fascist regurgitation"/ I already imagined my death, we were going to the town called Montepagano/ oh, what a beautiful name, but there I would have been killed.// And they screamed, they sang, they were so happy/ and I could only smile friendly/ they smiled to me to say/ "Do you understand?"/ And they wanted to go and get a beer/ and I thought "Shit! Alcohol! There's no way to survive/ if they get drunk, they will kill me!"// I was going to die, yeah, I was going to die/ He drove so fast and he was totally drunk/ Oh, I was going to die, yeah, it was my last day of life/ He was full of hate, sweet sweet hate against me.// I heard Odin tell me "Kill or die"/ but I had a problem/ I could have killed the bad guy but the girl,/ I and she were relatives!/ But the clock stroke 11 and we finished our time/ yeah, we had to go home/ I was still alive, I was there/ at home and safe.// La la la.../ Let's have a trip to Montepagano/ Let's have a trip to Montepagano/ All together! Streetfight in the city!!//

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