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Victorian Dad – Decay lyrics


Made a trip long ago and there’s so many fuckers searching for their souls
In the vast lands and jungle plains the bad boys got blood on there hands
Well spit me out and puke on me, you make no sense out of what could be

He sings like la la la la la…

Rag-doll woman with a heart of stone and the bitches get their kicks from
Men with gold, is their nothing new in this day and age? If Dylan was alive
He might say
“spinning tops and cigarette butts, line me up and spill my guts and honk
My horn and turn me blue, don’t look around the corner he after you” oh you

Eagle on the floor from too many planes and I got the shakes and night
Terrors in flames twenty four smokes per an hour cheap as chips it's happy
People on the floor pucking their guts and their dying in wake of stupid
Lust, law and order seemed hypnotized just like lying politicians speak
From their sky’s

Well spit me out and puke on me, the sun and moon can help set you free if
Your born in pride and not much hope there’s a million contradictions that
Aint been spoke

He sings like la la la...

In the shopping malls there selling bombs and little fresh babies from
Fruit stalls and across the pond in a borrowed song you could have fun with
A girl a million miles long

So shut me up tell me I’m wrong how many opinions does it take for form in
A wallowed voice from your pedestal a thousand hearts confused by you oh

We sing like la la la la la la

Blue eyes lying by the side of the road with ripped jeans a forgotten soul
And I know he’s goanna burn in this heat strangers pass by looking at their
Feet, no Samaritan here can help him now he drank himself down the holy
Well, well least he got blessed before he went you seem him there with puke
All over his chest

Stands like an ornament in the maze of day and observant eyes like clay,
Labyrinth streets they occupy minds the city burns the night decays the
Night decays

We sing like la la la la...

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