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Versatilly – You Can Leave lyrics

I grew up wishing
Cuz alotta shit was missin
Dad got up and locked the door
I yelled but he didn't listen
There I was fishing
For excuses of why he chooses
All the alcohol he uses
Lord only kno why he refuses
To lend an arm or a hand
Was a family ever in your plan
You need to do some explainin
Of why you ran
And don't feed me bullshit
You did all you can
There I am waitin
Ever so patient
To be taken
But again alone I was achin
Ma kept it real
But to me you were still
A big deal
An underdog that can take the wheel

Chorus 4x
Tell me whatcha plan
Then you can leave
Say it like a man
Then you can leave

When I was young
I wish I had what I didn't
But it was the little things
You did that kept me wishin
Kept me on the court playin my position
Even on games missin
You kept dishin
Me sayins to keep me playin
On my feet raisin
My head high I remember dad
But I guess those were lies
You made my heart die
Never by my side
You left me here alone with no light
I never knew you as that guy
That never gave a shit
About what was right
Or what's inside
I guess it took me goin
Thru a lot of shit in life
To open up my eyes
To realize

Chorus 4x

Tell me whatcha plan
Then you can leave
Say it like a man
Then you can leave

You took advantage
On the things you had
And my broken heart
Couldnt even write to you dad
How the fuck you gona tell me
How to make the right descions
When you couldnt even make em urself
Gettin put in that position
Lets make clear
You would rather us tear
Than to be a hero
And save us when were scared
I was helpless and deprive
Whatever happen to your help
You left and ran
And left me all by myself
Days pass
It's goin by fast
You can try n be a real father
You wouldn't last
And don't you even dare
Tell me that you cared
How about you stop
Actin like a bitch and grow apair

Chorus 4x
Tell me whatcha plan
Then you can leave
Say it like a man
Then you can leave

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