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Various Artists – Chante's Got A Man lyrics

Chante's got a man at home
And he's sure good to me

I'm sorry that your man ain't home
I'm sorry that yours left you alone
It's such a shame your man is playing games
And I heard you say that men are all the same
No, no, no

1 - It's not the truth girl
Cause I got proof girl
Oh I got proof girl
I got a man at home

2 - Chante's got a man at home
It hurts me your man's leaving you all alone
I can't help it that your baby's bad
Creeping out, cheating on ya, beating on ya
Chante's got a man at home
And he's sure good to me

Now why'd you let him beat you down
No, no, what's up with that
There's good men around
Don't you know how beautiful you are inside girl
And don't you let nobody go and steal your pride
Oh no no, I know your thing girl

Repeat 1
Repeat 2

I once was where you are
Thought men were all the same
But I never gave up hope
And now my life has changed
Listen to me girls

One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch girl
He always treats me right, we never fight
He sends me flowers and wines and dines me
Took me home to meet his momma
How he loves me

One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch girl
Give it one more try
Before ya give up on love

Repeat 2 until fade

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