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Vangough – Gabrielle lyrics

I see the sun when I look into your eyes and I see the world in your heart.
Help me find an answer to what gives us soul - take my hand, I'll carry you away.

You see the nightmare walking up to your front door. It penetrates, contemplates, dissipates and still it feeds, oh God it feeds.
You're the thorn in his sunny day - powerless, bitterness, helplessness - your life is on the line this time.

So cold and so lonely, yet still so loyal towards him.
He's leaving, you're bleeding, Oh God, you're bleeding.

When will love finally wash us all away, and when will hate make loving okay?
Should we spend our lives finding answers, or should we just let them find us first?

Exit from the shadows that keep you trapped within,
Let the loving sunlight wash your pain away.
Think of me when you are down; let your heart just sail away-
Deep into the mystery of life.

Silence is bitter, when voices seem faded and gray.
Some people can't fathom why hearts shrink and dwindle away.

I can see the sun rise, deep inside your eyes.
Life can be so cruel, Gabrielle.

[Carnival Nightmare:]
Step right up folks and take a swing, she won't hit back!

Oh my God, she's so helpless, leave her be.

Take out all your frustrations on this poor, innocent soul.

It's like my own personal punching bag!

Don't hesitate folks, she's just asking for it!

Yeah, it's her own fault!

Sunshine seems fleeting when no one's around to hold, to love.
And comfort is missing when those we love are all gone and we're left cold, afraid and alone.

I can see the sun, deep inside your eyes
Life can be so cruel, Gabrielle.

Don't believe in those who say, "Life will turn out great".
The truth is very hard to see through hate and greed.

I see your face every night in my dreams.
And I'll be the one to take you away.

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