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Unknown – I Yi Yi Yi (Cielito Lindo) lyrics

Yass, Yass, Yass

Source: Bob Pfeffer

Source's source: Michael Cooney (1988 Old Songs Festival)

Comments: A Blind Blake song, so say Michael C. And dick G.
I also have Clarence Johnson doing a much blander version

("Copulating Rhythm, V2" Records xxxx)

E G# Mama bought a rooster, took it for a hen
C#7 Thought it'd be layin' eggs, about eight, nine, ten
F# Made it a nest outta some old straw and grass
E B<" B6<" E
But it didn't lay nothin' but its yass, yass, yass

Mama bought a rooster, took it for a duck
Set it on the table with its feet stickin' up
Along came the children with a spoon and a glass
Went to stirrin' up the gravy from its yass, yass, yass

"Mama, mama, come look at sis
Out in the backyard and dancin' like this"
"Sister, sister, you come in here fast
And quit that shakin' of your yass, yass, yass"

She said, "Mama, all the young folks are doin' it these days,
and the old folks too
The young folks tellin' the old folks just what to do
First you shake your shoulder and you shake it real fast
And if you can't shake your shoulder shake your yass, yass, yass

Way up yonder on a mountain peak
A bullfrog dipped his tail in a hot pan of grease
He said, "Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, would you kindly let me pass
I'm a-slippin' and a-slidin' on my yass, yass, yass

Way out in Texas, in Abilene
A tomcat sat on a sewin' machine
Well that sewin' machine, you know it sewed so fast
It sewed ninety-nine stitches in his yass, yass, yass

"Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirrin', not even a mouse
Out by the chimney I thought I heard somethin' pass
It was Santa Claus skiddin' on his yass, yass, yass

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