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Ulver – Wolf & Man lyrics

Da Trolddomen bleff h¦ved - & need
Paa Jorden han sv¦ved: Da som nu
Vaer Jaget ved at lefve, ved at aande,
Ved hver Bev¦gelse saa stoor at n¦sten
Dend vaer Smerte

Medens han gik omkring
Blandt Mennisker, vaer han skuffed f?rst:
I Liivets ydre vaer der intet Skifte
Lig det han hafvde f?lt i Ulvens Liiv

De tr¦ller under ham
Med at troskyldig Sind
Fryckter ham,
Een Krafft aff sand Natur,
Som Sanser uden Selfbedrag

Han gliider useet blandt dem, streifer i sit Jag
Lig Kv¦ldens Farver, Nattens Aandedrag

For ingen Guder?st hafver nogensinde
Git Mennisket Svar paa hvem han skiulede
D¦mon, Phantom & Varulv
Vaer kund Naffn paa det de aldrig kunde finde

End han -
I hans Hi¦rte: Een Affgrund tung
Som det sorte Hav
Der eldsker sine Dyb

Der -
I Vintrens Bund
F¦lder han al deris Gl¦de,
Liiv, Mod & Haab

Maanen, stiigende paanye,
Hilser ham fra en sunken Himmel

...Oc ved den lydende Midnattssalme
Som Fryckt i Natten v¦ver
Skald de ffromme atter falme

The spell did breake and gave release
To hours amongst Mankynde
But then, as now, the strayn
Of living, breathing, yea ev'rie move
A burden approaching payn

Dishearten'd he was
As he wander'd with men
On the surface of life - no change
No change as the Beast within

They fear him, these fooles
A power pure, nature unveil'd
Perception sans delusion

Amongst them he walks unseen
Like a tint if Twilight
The breath of Night

No voice of God did tell
Man what He did hide
Werewolf & Phantom, Daemon & Beast -
Mere names given to what they fear'd

But he -
In his heart: An abyss unfathomable
As teh blacken'd sea
Which loves its deeps

There -
An animal shadow crawling
O'er the wintry soil
All Hope, Joie & Life he slayes

The Moone, rising anew,
Bids him welcome from a waning sky

... And by the sounding
Of his midnight psalme
Feare shall be harvest agayn
From the Pious hearts of men

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