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Ultramagnetic Mc's – Pop Bottles lyrics

[Kool Keith:]
Koool Keith [echoes]
Ced Gee [echoes]
Are y'all still doin that same stuff?

I be that picky wicky, bars spit the licky licky
Grab the crowd, your girl think I'm Pretty Ricky
She show me the titties, they small and they itty bitty
Roam the city, walk around like I'm P. Diddy
Cap the glitty, hit the buttcrack with a fifty
Pick up the hush, drop it down when I bust
I know it's us, I stomp and I Cold Crush, the gold rush
The weed go out, they lean, blow dust
With no fuss, bust
Reachin and growin, peachfuzz
Your chicks fuss and fight
You grab pens and bite
I might give you some hype I like, like like
That's not right! ~! Super son
Freaks say I sound like A-Konnn
They give me they drawers from Avon

Power floss, pop bottles
Uptown the boss - bottles
Power floss, pop bottles
Uptown the boss - pop bottles
Power floss, bottles
Uptown the boss - pop bottles
Power floss, bottles
Uptown the boss - bottles
Power floss, pop bottles

[Kool Keith: singing]
Girl tonight, nobody's drinking Dom and Crissst'
We dismisss
Y'all don't know about that crugs glugs
Dismiss nil, get your cupsss, get your cupsss
Get your cupsss, get your cupsss...
(Yo Ced, give 'em a cup!)
[Ced:] Aight


[Ced Gee: over Chorus]
Yeah, that's how we doin it
Yeah, here we go

I flip the beat, rocks the beat, hypes the beat
Wait a minute, stop the beat
A lot of cats talk, can't stay with me, can't flow with me
The cat who gave you Crist' with poetry
You knowin me, yes I'm true indeed, I'm up to speed
Like Keith told you cats, it's the melody
It's a part of me, I want you to see
So ma won't you just stayyy
I'm not Jodeci, I can't sing for thee
But I got 16 for your ass, pure braggin D
So check the track, check the stores
Check the box, check the Pod, oh my God
Wooo~! This track's retard, simply hard
We pullin everybody's card, don't disregard
Course we up to par, like Tiger Woods
But we drivin better cars


[Kool Keith:]
Pop bottles
Pop bottles
Pop bottles
Pop bottles
Pop bottles

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