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Ugly Duckling – Eye On Gold Chain (Cut Chemist Remix) lyrics

They got the eye on the gold chain
They got the eye on the gold chain

When Young Einstein was a kid in the mid
80's he saw how the b-boys lived
They wore the fat gold to rock the rap song
Einstein's takin off, now he's puttin it on
There's not a pair of eyewear that can stop the glare
Of the Duke, overexposed in photo shoots
He salutes the days of old with chains of gold
He looked around then found that the chain was sold
Over to the airport he sets off metal detectors
Respect us, pull em to the side and give em lectures
Going through his luggage, heh, they're tryin to test him
Threaten to arrest him, askin lots of questions
Like, "why do you have a box of tissue"
"To remove" "What?" "All the oily finger residue"
So look but don't touch, and let my chain shine
Yo, Put it on Einstein

They got the eye on the gold chain, that's right
They got the eye on the gold chain, that's right

All right now here we go
Young Einstein
Check it out
My big gold rope
Always rock a jam every time I perform
Young Einstein
Check it out
Fat gold chain
Always rock a jam every time I perform
Einstein got a dookie gold rope

>From Panama to Canada Einstein's the man of the
Year, get the trash outta here like a janitor
Chain so heavy when he step in the place
You could tap him on the shoulder and he fall on his face
Dropped the single fresh mode, you thought we would fold
Thirty days later, Einstein had gold
So what you sayin?
My man scans the collectibles
For the lp chock full of delictibles
For the mp he could reshape the lead break
Cut it in half
Changin the speed rate
Or make it self-arrange(?) when it's on the turntable
He wore the dookie when we met Queen Elizabeth
Asked her was she jealous, she said "A little bit"
I guess a crown jewel never compares
To the rope that the Einstein wears
They got the eye on the gold chain
They got the eye on the gold chain

Repeat chorus

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