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U-god – Here We Come lyrics

[Intro: inf-Black]
Gangster this and gangster that
Half of ya'll ain't gangstas, so hold that *gun shot* Blaow!
I got a deathwish, my playlist is wreckless
Almost famous but the natives gettin' restless
Leave 'em breathless, guess who popped up
With pile out, hear you talkin' like Wu's washed up
Squash what, I got balls and guts, more deluxe
The magnetic flux, in the all black tux'
And my back's all hushed, lead showers for you mutts
I devour the cuts with a power packed punch
And cowards I hunt, when I ride with my gun
I'm like a spoke on the wheel that glides on the drum
Through the, smoke I reveal, I'm the rising sun
That go through your shield, is he really that Hill?
Let the streets decide, with nerves of steel
Let the beats collide, with the death-defyin' skill
And beneath the sky, lurkin' network of strangers
That insert the danger with a touch of a finger
[Chorus: Letha Face (Inf-Black)]
Oh no... Watch... Out... Here... They... Come
(Gangster this and gangster that
Half of ya'll ain't gangstas, so hold that *gun shot* Blaow!
Stand up... With... My... Real... Nig... Gas
(Gangster this and gangster that
Half of ya'll ain't gangstas, so hold that *gun shot* Blaow!)
Yo, aiyo, I'm speakin' for myself, my feets on stealth
fuck thirty deep, I'm in your hood for delf
Blowin' trees with your main squeeze countin' my shells
As I feed the clips to the T, handle it well
Never been the one to front, son, my history's swell
Tell you how it's gon' be, what it was and what it is
Catch you in your sleep, thug, now your memory lives
The streets get the buzz, no love, them same thugs snitch, bitch
Learned y

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